Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is mileage of Yamaha FZ 16

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Question : what is mileage of FZ
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Top Speed:132kph
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Anonymous said...

i m owner of fz16 since a year now but my bike has never given me more than 30kmpl... never expected this from yamaha... planning to make a written complain to yamaha about this...

Anonymous said...

yamaha fz16 mileage is around 35-40 in normal city driving conditions but its max. speed is 110km/hr.NOT MORE THEN THAT..its a CHALLENGE

Anonymous said...

yea.. its real. yamaha fz16's mileage is pathetic as per user comments and reviews!

aliz said...

check FZ16 mileage with actual rule to follow while drive
1. Gear change
2. Clutch.
3. Break
4. Fuel (go for different bunks and check)
5. with your speed ex.100kmps

I have FZ16, my speed is 80-120kmps and i'm getting constant 42kmpl, i never fill in different bunks and I fill for atleast 500rs onetime because this also a factor that mileage depend don't go for 1 litre. Check it with your bike and revert back


U'll get 40-45kmpl..

Anonymous said...

yeps I agree.. It is around 30 in city. Did anybody try on Highway? It is the only factor which makes it not so popular like pulsor and apache. But i still love it.

Anonymous said...

I am regularly getting 40 in the city...When I took it for a long drive(Banglore to Pondicherry) it returned around 54kmpl...But the bike is the best in class in handling and braking.

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